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GRC (Glass reinforced concrete) & GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) are unique and prominent building materials widely used in this region specifically in projects requiring high architectural detailing. GRC elements are strong and daunting yet light in weight and speedy to install. These elements can be molded into any shape and design to meet individual project requirements and offer the architect complete freedom to showcase his architectural creativity in the project offering Light in weight Weather resistant, Easy to transport & install, Low Maintenance requirements, sustainable, reducing structural load on building, and are suitable for long spans & curvature.

Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is an advanced composite concrete material offering unparalleled performance. With its high levels of mechanical properties, flexural strength and ductility, it opens up new aesthetic possibilities with the freedom to create contemporary forms and geometric shapes.

UHPC is the perfect material for creating modern slender architectural and sculptural elements. With its unique high flow and self-compacting characteristics, UHPC has the ability to replicate lightweight, mould forms with precise detail and accuracy. Produced from a blend of ultra-fine cement based minerals creating an extremely dense and compact material, UHPC is the ideal for longer spans and slender profiles. With the addition of UV stable pigments, a wide range of colors and shades can be achieved.