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Precast wall panels can be used either as structural load bearing elements offering a rigid framework to the overall structural system or as architectural cladding elements.

Precast Wall Panels can be designed and manufactured as

Solid Panels - typically for interior panels in any structure designed either as load bearing panels or as non-load bearing partition walls with thickness ranging from 80mm to 350mm or more as needed)
Sandwich Panels- designed and produced with built-in insulation material used both as cladding panels as well as load bearing panels with thickness ranging 200mmto 350mm or more.

Cladding Panels- Insulated or non-insulated with thickness ranging from 100mm300 or more specifically with unique designs on the outer skin.

All our walls can be offered with pre-finished options with no plastering required. They provide high level of thermal & noise insulation. They can be designed to act as shear walls thus eliminating the need to resize columns & beams. It has inherent Superior fire resistance. And offers smooth internal surface, ready to receive paint. Electrical conduits and boxes can be casted into panels during production phase making the site MEP works easy.